Static website

Don’t be fooled by the name.

Although this type of website is called a ‘static’ website, don’t think that the pages will simply look the the pages of a magazine with no moving images or user interaction. A static website can include all manner of images and navigation options to make your site visually appealing.

The costs of such a site can vary greatly, dependent on how many pages you require, how many images you want to include and how you want them viewed and manipulated.

A static website can also include any amount of flash effects to display photographs or images to give movement and animation to your site.

The price for a static website can vary, so the prices shown on our price details page are for guidance only. A much more accurate quotation can be given once we have confirmed your exact requirements, so give us a call or give a brief description of what you need from the enquiry tab.

Dynamic Website

So what is a dynamic website?

A static site has ‘flat’ or unchanging content whilst a dynamic site, often by linking to a database, constructs and serves pages on request.

A dynamic website will not simply have all the code that contains menu items, page content and links, it will consist more likely to be templates that pull in content from various locations such as a database.

There are several advantages of a dynamic site. They make large sites practical and easy to maintain. If you have a template that pulls in menu content from a database, you only need to update menu links in one place for them to update across the entire site. With simple static HTML pages, you would need to update everywhere at once.

A dynamic website contains content that may change, maybe price changes, stock levels dropping or bookings being made on-line for example. You may want to regularly update some of the content of your site yourself: this, too, would require a dynamic site.

The extra development needed to produce a dynamic website means the initial start up costs will be greater. Again, the size and complexity of the site determines the exact price.

Flash Website

Once upon a time……

In the early days of the internet, pages were created using plain, unformatted text. Then along came the web, and we gained text formatting and graphics to make websites look visually more appealing. With the constant evolution of the Web, the web page graphics got fancier and things like small animations in banner ads became the norm. Now, there is a desire for a more interactive Web experience… so along came Flash™.

Flash™ was developed to enable web developers and designers to enhance web pages by using custom animation and visual techniques that can fade or transform graphics from one picture to another. The subject of some web sites lends itself more readily to Flash™ elements than others, but sometimes even a hint of movement and animation can create a professional feel to your website and make it stand out from others.

Give us a call, and we can discuss your exact requirements.

Flash™ is a trademark of Macromedia Inc

E-commerce Website

So you want to sell goods from your website?

Becoming ever more popular as a way of expanding customer base, the internet enables you to sell to people who do not live locally, and who may not be able to physically get to your shop. For this, you need to look at e-commerce options for your site.

Today, searching for and buying goods over the internet is a relatively pain free and often cheaper method of shopping, and you can make it possible via your website. We would incorporate a secure payment method that will give customer confidence and security.

Invariably, an e-commerce website would be linked to an updatable database. So for example, you can show stock levels and maintain your price lists effectively, and you will not find yourself in a position where, you want it to tell someone you’ve despatched something that you later find you don’t have in stock!

For an e-commerce website to work, an account with a third party merchant to handle the payment details, such as PayPal™ would need to be set up.