Price Guide

1-5 Page static web design from £300
6-10 Page static web design from £395
1-5 Page dynamic website design from £495
6-10 Page dynamic website design from £595
Flash website design from £600
Dynamic Web Design with Bespoke Ecommerce from £1300

If you are unsure which type of website you will need for your business, have a look at our Website Design pages that explain the differences. Alternatively, give us a call on 0161 980 0450 or fill in your details on our contact form


As above, a 25% initial deposit is to be paid before any work is carried out. The balance on is to be paid on completion when you are fully satisfied.

If a website is hosted by us at Arcadia IT Solutions, it may be possible to arrange an instalment plan for payment of the outstanding balance. The price for this will be an additional 10% of the total website costs to cover administration of the payment collection and billing.

Payment can be made either by bank transfer, or by cheque.

For example:

A 5 page static website, with a .co.uk domain name would cost:

Website: £300

Web Hosting: £30 per year (payable April 6th each year)

Domain name registration (minimum 2 yrs registration): £7.18 incl vat

Method 1

Payment on completion:
Deposit would be £75.00.
Balance on completion: £225 + £7.18 domain registration.
Web Hosting fees: £30 per year, paid on 6th April.

Method 2 *

Deposit would be £82.50. (25% of £330)
Balance: £247.50 + £7.18 domain registration. (£254.68)
6 Instalments of £42.45 paid monthly.
Web Hosting fees: £30 per year, paid on 6th April.

* Only if site is hosted by Arcadia IT Solutions

Site hosting charges

Site hosting is chargeable per annum, paid in April. We could have made this charge from the commencement date (the date on which the web site is put into the live environment) but we made the decision to set this at the start of our financial year. Arcadia IT Solutions reserve the right to amend charges for site hosting.

Additional Services

Website Amendments

Any future amendments to the website will be charged at £20 per hour.
We would discuss how much it would cost to do any changes. Simple changes to websites do not take long to do, consequently will not cost a lot

Website Copy

As soon as Arcadia IT Solutions have been paid in full for a website, that website becomes the intellectual property of the customer. Because we are confident in the quality of service we provide, we do not force any of our customers to use our web hosting service as some other companies do. If a customer decides he wants to move to another web hosting company, we can provide a copy of their website on CD for a fee of £20.00.*

Domain name transfer

If you want to transfer your existing Domain onto our servers, there could be a cost of transferring domain name.
(sometimes web hosting companies will charge for a domain transfer. If there is any charge, this will be passed on at cost, with no other charges added by us, and a copy of their invoice will be provided. This charge should be around £10 to £15, but this can vary. Some domain transfers are free.)